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Nikas Safronov
The great achievement of this famous Russian painter is to mix the sacred with the profane, remaining og the edge of a sacrilege, to ally the ancient images of the past with the vivid ones of the present and, in its cource of events, the life of its personalities and their ogten tragic fate.
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Valeriy Stoilov
The artist for a long time works above religious subjects . He is very much concentrates on the sacrament of religion, spiritual mysticism, compassion of the soul. Very often he approaches the icon painting.
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Alexander Akopov
The author is successor of the Russian landscape's school. The spectator very often are bewitched of the portraits created by the artist.

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St. Daniil's Monastery is the center of Moscow Church events and festivities. The Monastery brought out religious literature and lithographs devoted to the cloister's memorable and jubilee dates. Restoration work on the icons was carried out of the restoration workshop of St. Daniil's Monastery. The painters save the ancient Russian iconographical traditions.
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Our Gallery offers you to get acquainted with the creativity of the famous artists of Russia. You will have the opportunity to make travel to the surprising world, created by the talent and imagination of the remarkable artists. You are delighted in this world . You can see for each author his own style, picturesque manner; each author works in his own genre. And we hope you can find the peculiar picture, conformable to your mood, or simply giving pleasure. And the world around of you and of your dear people will become more perfect when you buy the pictures from our gallery.
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