Gallery of Nikas Safronov

Никита Михалков

Никас Сафронов "He is aggressive and susceptible to influence, knows the marked, can deceive you, is highly skilful and free with his brush, knows his own worth, has no problems with form, and is possessed of a vivid imagination, independent, free from complexes, colourful, and theatrical.
When you as a spectator, having enjoyed the revel of colour, the complexity of metaphors and the variety and refinement of forms, turn your satiated eyes on such painting as Nostalgia or Farewell to Russia, you realize that what you see before you is a Talent in which, alongside skill and perfect mastery of form, there lives a gentle, shy, highly sensitive soul without which there has never been, nor can be, anything everlasting and distinct in Russian art…"

Милое обаяние буржуазии




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